Candidate Services

Throughout our 15 years of experience in executive search we at Meticulum have come to recognize that the key to a successful search process is regular communication between us, our candidates and our clients.

Whether we have contacted you through direct 'cold' recruiting for a specific search or whether you were referred to us through our extensive network, we will invite you to have an initial interview with us. During this conversation, we will plan to spend the time necessary to better ascertain your areas of knowledge, expertise, and career aspirations as well as your personal interests. Meeting with us, you will have an opportunity to share what aspects are critical to your career progression and what characteristics would make up your ideal organization and role. We are then able to ensure that any opportunities we may present to you align with your long-term career aspirations as well as your skill set.

If we are engaged in a search that appears to be a fit with your background and career goals, we will keep you apprised of our continued interviewing process and progress. Once we have concluded all phases of our interviewing process (which can take several weeks), we will narrow the pool of candidates to those who best meet our client's culture and needs, selecting the strongest slate to meet our client. It must be recognized that equally qualified candidates will vary in chemistry, attitude, and interest level. We take into consideration all of these tangible and intangible aspects when selecting final candidates for our client.

At this point in time, we will schedule a briefing with each of the selected candidates where we will share with you our client's history, challenges and opportunities, and set forth a clear understanding of the interview timeline and general compensation expectations. We will partner with you through the entire interview process so that you are well informed regarding any changes or deviations the search may take.

Upon conclusion of the interviews and prior to reaching the offer stage, at our client's request, we will conduct extensive reference checks. These may include your current and previous superiors, peers, subordinates, customers, and/or clients. The insight provided by our independent references is an invaluable tool for our client in expediting the newly hired employee's transition into the company. Lastly, we partner with our client to develop a compelling offer with a specific start date, and will help you finalize the various aspects of a professional resignation.