Our Search Methodology

Meticulum's search methodology, while tailored to the specific needs of each client, is a disciplined three-phase process ensuring that the candidate selected and hired will make a significant contribution to the success and vitality of our client's organization. The completed search process takes ten to twelve weeks, divided into three distinct phases.

Phase I - Project Definition and Search Research

Meticulum arranges a conference with the client company's key individuals and interviewing team to discuss their organizational structure, corporate culture and expectations for the position. During these initial conversations, we look for our clients to clearly communicate their needs and wishes, highlighting the areas of opportunity for the prospective new hire. We compile an initial target list of companies and candidates our client would like for us to pursue (or avoid). We also clarify the timeline for the search process, establish which client team members will conduct first and second round interviews, and identify available times for interviewing the selected slate of candidates. Finally, we address any anticipated challenges of the search, agree on the search strategy and create a position profile that will outline the key criteria for qualifying candidates and emphasize what makes the role a particularly compelling opportunity.

After our initial conference, we launch our search research process to compile a definitive list of individuals who may be qualified for the particular position. Our target list will be developed based on information we have gathered from our client, our own competitive intelligence, and our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace. This phase typically takes two to three weeks.

Phase II - Strategic Recruitment

Once we have compiled our target list of candidates, we begin the recruiting phase of the search which consists of contacting and qualifying each identified prospect. During each recruiting call we assess a candidate's career background and skill set, learn about who they are in and out of the office, and effectively convey our client's opportunity. Through this process, we typically speak with more than 200 prospects, interview approximately 20 in-depth, and develop a final slate of at least three to five solid candidates.

The recruiting phase is the longest part of the search process (typically four to five weeks) so we regularly communicate with our client to provide ongoing updates. Upon completion of our interviews, we present the final slate of candidates including a comprehensive candidate summary report for each finalist, degree and certification verification, and recommended course of action. We then help to arrange initial onsite interviews and coordinate logistics, including travel and hotel arrangements. Following these interviews, we debrief the client, providing substantive feedback from each candidate.

Phase III - Selection and Assimilation of New Hire

Upon reaching the final interview stage, Meticulum conducts and compiles personal and business references for lead candidates, providing our client with a final candidate summary report including reference information, compensation data, candidate concerns and total compensation requirements. At this time we consult with our client and together determine how to best structure an offer that will be compelling to the primary candidate.

Realizing that there are many facets to making a career change, we work directly with the candidate to fully communicate each aspect critical to considering the offer; compensation, relocation, benefits, etc. We also assist the newly hired candidate through their resignation process, help them prepare for counteroffer issues and facilitate their seamless integration into our client's organization. Throughout the final offer and acceptance phase, we will maintain regular contact with both the client and the candidate to ensure that any surprise issues are addressed promptly and resolved quickly. Phase Three typically takes three to four weeks.

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